problem when loading rig

I have a quite unsual problem I am not sure where to look. I am still working on my rig so not totally complete. But I have come across a problem where when I load the file, the rig looks like it is doing one of those Michael Jackson on the toes dance positions. I can select all the bones, hit alt G, R, S and reset to original position without a problem. I then save it and then close. Then I reload and it is back to the Michael Jackson on the toes pose again. Sorry only way I can describe it. I am attaching the file. Any ideas? Again, still not complete with the rig but getting there.

PoseProblem.blend (2.99 MB)

They are right where you have keyframed them. Without changing anything, add a timeline and a dopesheet and you will see the keyframes that the bones are posed in on the frame you save it in. Been there, done that.

Thanks stilltrying. I can see where they could be in the timeline and dopesheet, and I do see one in the timeline, However, I cant seem to delete it. Also I am wondering if this is due to some action scripts I put together for the feet that I am using with drivers. Could this be causing it?

Just looking at it again and it is indeed the fact. These were keyframes I created in the action editor for use in a foot rig. Why are they showing up in the final timeline and how do I remove them without messing up my foot rig?

When you have an action that you want to save for later, go to the action editor in the dope sheet and hit the F (gives it a fake user so it doesn’t get lost) and then the X. It is still there, just not active. Now put your bones in rest, alt A,S,G and save your file. Now when you open it, it will be how you left it. If you want another action to do something else, hit new.

That did it…seems the smallest things can cause such major problems. Thanks for pointing it out…all working now