Problem when opening files from desktop

when i try to open a file from the desktop, i get an error in blender that says:

“Loading \Us failed: unable to open”

this is a bit annoying because then i have to go to the blender file browser, and it’s not very convenient.

I don’t know what seems to be the problem, because it works fine for me. Maybe there is something wrong with the file…Does it open when it’s not on the desktop?
Did you tried to open another file from the desktop?

I don’t think that the file being on the desktop is the problem, because as far as i know, the desktop is treated just like a folder with a background, but still…

what i meant from desktop was double clicking a file when blender isnt open, causing blender to open.

the files open fine within blender.

I understood that, and i’m telling you that it is working…
Did you tried my suggestions?

yes, i have tried your suggestions before you even suggsted them.