Problem: When parenting; object deform.


After searching on the forum for some time now, I didnt find anything that helped me to resolve my problem. So I would appreciate if anybody could help me.

Im working with a game in blender BGE. I made a rifle in a separate .blend file and then I imported my rifle to my main game .blend file and it´s parts with “Append or Links”. I set all the parts to “No Collision” in the BGE and then I parent all the objects together (with Ctrl + P). After that, when I press “P” to play I get this deform/stretch problem as the picture show (it stretches in the y-axis).

Im using blender 2.49 and BGE GLSL Materials.

Does anybody know a solution to this problem?


Try selecting everything and press Ctrl+A to clear scale and rotation.

Thanks, it worked!
This problem has frustrated me for some time now. I can now continue happily.