Problem when re-sizing in Vista

This was posted in the Modeling Support section, but wasn’t responded to at all.

Using Windows Vista, in the default Vista theme, when resizing an object, face, or edge, the screen flickers black and grey, and the lines go from the white color to red, so that everything flickers black and red. It is absolutely impossible to model anything this way. In the Older theme that’s available, this problem is not there.

On another note, the dolly seems to run MUCH smoother under the vista theme instead of the old theme. The old theme does not flicker when resizing, but jitters when rotating. So either way, there’s something wrong, and it would be great if I could use a smooth dolly, and also have the screen NOT flicker.

Please, someone help me to fix this.

what is your video card? ATI? try upgrading your display drivers.

I need an update? That’s a brand new computer lol! Shouldn’t it already be up-to-date? Either way, I’ll look into it, and thanks for the answer.

It has Vista on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Even a brand new computer can ship with older drivers, make sure you have updated drivers.

I use Blender on Vista with both Vista theme and classic theme, and I have not experienced said problems - they really sound like a driver issue.

Maybe you could tell us what graphics card/chip you have in your computer.


I had this same problem on my Vista machine. What caused it was the “Occlude Background Geometry” button when in edit mode.

When this was on, the issue would occur, but when I turned it off, the problem went away.

Haven’t checked it lately, to see if a recent driver update had fixed it though. I am not at home at the moment.