problem when rendering - blips and white spots

Hello! I have made a little animation and rendered it to png’s and made those into video. Everything went fine, however, I noticed that there are white blips that randomly appear, like that sort of scratchy, grainy look really old films have.

At first I thought it was my model, but I have a particle system and there are white blips within it as well.

So, you see, for example, here, the white area that appears in the middle frame, on the (our) left of the shield, and then the next frame it’s not there, but there are other little white blips.

It’s like this throughout the animation and is incredibly distracting

Any techniques to clean this up?

Thank you!

Here is an example of it happening with my particle system, on the lefthand side, there’s a white blip area that appears in one frame and then disappears

If you’re using cycles, adjust the clamping value to remove these.

Thanks for the reply!

I was using Blender Render, maybe the same solution?

after this scene is in my rear view, I will be getting on Cycles…

But if you’re reading this and have a similar problem to me, I have taken the Indirect Lighting down to not, and it seems to have done the trick

i use filter glossy to do it, so you still get the indirect light. i set filter glossy to 1 and it does a pretty good job.

I’ll try that as well. Thanks!