Problem when rendering - section of model all black

Hi all,

I’m new the the forums and brand new to modeling and Blender. Ive been searching around the net looking for Blender friendly sites and was happy to find BlenderArtists :slight_smile:

At any rate I just finished up my first model and when I rendered it I got sections that show up as all black. At first I thought it had something to do with the normals but recalculated them all to the outside, set smoothing and rendered again with the same result.

I also removed all the faces from the affected area and rendered it without them, then added them back in but the result was the same.

Here is a link to a few screen shots showing the normals then the final render…might be hard to see in the screen shots but the normals are rendering to the outside on the affected area and seem fine…

I searched the forum but didnt find anything that seemed to help (sorry if this is something that’s been hashed out before here). I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

The only other thing I can think of is to redo the entire front part of the slide but would like to avoid that if possible.


It’s very hard to see any significant detail in your screenshots when presented as a tiny video – maybe post some stills here as attachments? Makes viewing much clearer. You could also post the .blend here for someone to look at.

Question: Do you have multiple materials on the mesh, and maybe assigned one to the dark faces?

Thanks chipmasque!

Here are some links to better images…

I also attached the .blend. I’ll check the mesh but there should not be anything mapped to it at this point (Im a n00b tho and may have inadvertently done something silly)

Thanks again!


Glock17_Final_Render.blend (387 KB)

Those areas where you see the black you have more than one face occupying exactly the same space – that’s a no-no :wink:

In Edit mode, switch to Face select and on the sides you’ll see two face centers in those areas (the little black squares) – select the faces that extend over the the other two and delete them. At the end around the barrel there are many overlapping faces – you’ll need to sort those out yourself, but be sure to leave none left overlapping each other.

Holy smokes you are exactly right!!!

Thanks so much! :smiley:

I’m so glad I can not only correct it but now understand what the problem was…thanks again for taking the time - I really appreciate it!!!