Problem when trying to do a Boolean after Spin

So I was just modeling the drum (chamber) of a Revolver when I encountered a very unuseful problem:

After creating the 6 Cylinders via Spin I wanted to do a Boolean modifier to get the holes done. But instead of making 6 holes it only made one, even though all six cylinders are here? Have I left something out or is it simply a bug?
I haven’t recieved an error message either.

I would really like to know what happened there since I need that model for a game very soon!

Thanks in advance! :wink:


Notice that one cylinder is a slightly different colour to the other five and it is the one that cuts a hole.

I suspect this is because the paler cylinder has its face normals pointing outwards and the others have their face normals pointing inwards. To recalculate the normals select all faces and use Ctrl+N. You can flip selected faces with W / Flip Normals

In addition to Richard’s suggestions let me add that I usually need to W>Remove Doubles after using the spin tool.

Well I found out what the problem was about 5 minutes after I “posted” this thread. I don’t know if you could cancel it or not but yeah.

So for the curious guys here: As said above the Normals were simply flipped. I just selected the different colored cylinders pressed CTRL+F and selected “Flip Normals”.

I didn’t have to remove the doubles since there weren’t any :slight_smile:

Still thanks for replying :wink: