Problem while sculpting

(dsadas) #1

Hi, I have got a problem while sculpting high topology human body.Right now It has around 800k verticies.If I want to get from sculpt mode to object mode it takes like 4 minutes.Even If I ctrl+z it takes 4-5 second to delete it.Am I doing something while scuplting with high topology ? My specs are 16gb ram GTX 960 i-5 6600k


It’s a known issue that the devs plan to get fixed for 2.8 stable. More info here:

(Ahmed Barakat) #3

Is this slow performance only with multires meshes?
Because I loaded a highres Dyntopo sculpt that I am currently working on in 2.79 in 2.8 and it was much much slower. I couldn’t work it at all and I went back to 2.79, and I was wondering if it is just me or it is still something they are working on? I went through all my system pref optimizations and copied them in 2.8 and still nothing.