Problem while Spawning characters witch softbody objects

Hi guys,
My final goal is make a Chess-like game: I need to spawn different characters in a chessboard… so in each box a character may appear.
The problem (that causes me a headache): I used the “edit object”->“add object” actuator on an “empty” to add the PG that I want… But the PG has a cape made in softBody, pinned at the char with the constraint “rigid body joint”, and this constraint is parented with the armature (target: armature), so if the PG moves around, the cape follows him.Obviusly the edit object/add object add only objects that are parented directly; so on the board appear only the character without the cape!
I rather avoid to add bones at the cape, since the softbody effect works great.
I thought to make all the object invisible and set visible when i need… but I prefer to avoid that too since even invisibles has physics still on.
There is a workaround? or different way to do this? I tried all sort of tricks :confused:, there isn’t a way to parent an object without sharing the physics? (just babbling)

Bye for now and sorry for my rubbish english.

HG1 thanks for the reply

That’s cool when I have enough time I’ll try it. Now I know that currently it’s not possible at least with the standard version!
Many thanks some day I’ll try that!
I’ll let know if I can do something decent…