Problem while trying to bake an object at Full Render

Hello everyone,

Whenever I try to bake my mesh there are black triangles that appear randomly on the baked texture. Here’s my blend file:


Any help would be appreciated.

Remove overlapping faces
Remove double vertices
Recalculate face normals

…hmm. apparently the download manager isn’t working…much to my lack of suprise…
Reduce file size with compress option when saving, remove models and textures that do not effect your problem, use

It just got worse. I’ll try it with just a single tile.

Check that, it’s still not working and it’s acting even weirder than before. Here’s my “updated” blend file:


Thanks for the link.

Bad UV unwrapping.
You’re baking the top and bottom face of each ‘tile’ to the same location on your texture. Each face of your model needs its own separate area in your UV space

You mean like this?:


It’s still having that problem though. I did this before for head meshes but it didn’t have any problems like this.

This blend has lots of overlapping faces. Select the bottom faces of your object one by one and look at the UV window, each face would bake to the same area on your texture. In uv image editor window select all points and Ctrl+P to pack them so they don’t overlap. Then bake. Still the unwrap is not good.

This is where I have erred. I should have mentioned that I was trying to bake the Normals of the mesh rather than a Full Render. After watching the following video:

I was able to quickly correct the problem. Thanks for your help anyway.