Problem whit extrude axis!!!

hi, excuse me for my english. I was modeling when suddenly I went to extrude a edge, the curious thing is Blender only allowed me to extrude on 2 axis, How can I do the axis to be normal again? thanks. I have Blender 2.58a, I have searched and searched, but I can`t find the solution.

please help me, thanks for all.

shift-Z releases the constraints for me. if not just right click and press G to move it without any constraints.

clicking middle mouse button disables this too. That one also allows you to toggle different axes, depending on the placement of your mouse

thanks for all, but, well, I have tried this and yes, that works, but Do I have to do this each time? because each time when I open blender an try to extrude, this happen. before this problem didn’t happen. thanks

here’s what you can do. When you press Alt+E, there’s the option ‘Edges Only’ (depending on your selection). This will extrude without any constraints. But instead of left clicking on it, right click on it and Add Shortcut, let’s say ‘1’. Now it’ll extrude how you want by just pressing 1

thanks u so much