Problem whith bones, can someone look at this model?

I Have armatured one character, but when I rotate these:
Rotated parts will strangely get small, or something else very weird happens. :confused:
If you look at vertex groups, example vv2 you can see that verticles are choosen correctly, but when you move it’s bone in pose mode, some parts doesn’t move at all, and it gets small too! Same is whith back (It’s bone is that “selkä”, it’s finnish.)

If someone can fix these or tell how to fix them, I would be very happy! :slight_smile:

Heres link, please don’t do anything else whith it than try to repair it:ä+pilalla.blend

Can’t connect to website :frowning:

My guess would be that you have vertices assigned to more than one bone - this usually causes shrinking meshes and stubborn verts.

In weight-paint mode (Ctrl-Tab selected Mesh), Shift-LMB on some misbehaving areas and you’ll see a list of bones that area is assigned to. If you see wrong bones in the list, either select that bone and paint the verts to zero or better still, go to that bone’s vertex group and “remove” these verts from the group.

Also, make sure “Envelopes” is turned off and “Vertex Groups” is turned on.

Thanks alot! I’ve choosen same verticles to many bones. In armature guide reads that you can choose one verticle to many bones.:mad:

You can share verts and sometimes you need to - but they have to be carefully assigned to the right bones. It takes a little getting used to.

For example, the verts near an elbow need to be shared between the upper arm and lower arm bones, with the weight tapering off each way. But if you have the verts near the wrist shared with the upper arm, you’re going to get poor results.

Sometimes the mesh will shrink even if everything is done correctly (elbows, knees and shoulders are usually a problem). In the old days (last year) this was fixed by adding a small extra bone to control the shrinking. Now you can either do that or add a driven shape key that expands the joint at the same times as the bones try to shrink it.