problem witch making objects


Hire’s my problem. Fist I created patch, then made it cyclic.

Now, let’s say, I want to create cylinder from it, how to do this?

Most tutorials shows it but it just objects wich is emty inside, but I need have real mesh from it to use it in bolean operations.

sorry, don’t really understand what you mean. could you explain it differently?

Simply I want to create mesh from curive patch. But important that I mesh must work with bolean operations.

Most meshes witch i created looks like empty inside, so when i want to creat interselect with real mesh, it’s not working, I don’t know why.

It would probably be best to post a sketch of want you are trying to model and someone will show you the easiest way to create it. Booleans are very poor in Blender.

I’m guessing that you are extruding a closed curve shape and winding up with a tube with open ends rather than a cylinder which is why the boolean operation won’t work.