Problem with 16:9 Letterbox Game Framing


I’m experiencing a problem with the ‘Game Framing Settings’ for a 16:9 Letterbox \ Fullscreen game.

After choosing the options shown above, I select ‘Save Game at Runtime’.

When I run the game, it displays the letterbox running vertically and the 3D scene is squashed horizontally.

How do I get the Letterbox to run horizontally across the screen, so that the 3D scene is correctly displayed as 16:9.

I should mention that my monitor has a 4:3 aspect ratio.


The “Game Frame Settings” I believe were for the old web plugin, and therefor do nothing now. Maybe they should be removed to avoid further confusion?

hi Journeyman,

Before you selected Letterbox \ Fullscreen game, did you set the camera size to a 16:9 ratio?

It’s on the Format tab right under the Game framing settings button. Size X and Size Y.


For the camera settings I just copied what I’d put in for the Game Framing Settings.


Game Framing Settings:

AspectX = 100
AspectY = 100


Even when you use ‘blenderplayer.exe’ with the command line, the game will not appear in a Letterbox when it’s running in Fullscreen and the 3D scene is squashed horizontally.

I created a .bat file with the following command line:
blenderplayer.exe -f 1260 720 32 60 -g show_framerate = 1 game.blend

I have a feeling that if I had a 16:9 monitor, then the scene would be rendered correctly.

Strangely, the Letterbox does appear in Windowed mode, so the following line:

blenderplayer.exe -w 1260 720 2 100 -g show_framerate = 1 game.blend

creates a window of 1260 x 720 at the screen coordinate (2,100) and displays the FPS counter. The scene is not squashed horizonally and there is a Letterbox.