problem with 2.35 uv image editor

hey all for some reason since i got 2.35 when i load an image into the uv image editor window there is nothing there it just stays black, why oh why?


bump, and also it doesnt show in background image, iv tried uninstalling yet it still does it :frowning: please help!

got it here too recently, dont know how it happend. best thing is to leave face mode and start again uv mapping. Then the image is shown again…

Do what Dr.Who said. It does that some times. Don’t know why it does.


… I’ve not had this problem recently. (I’ve been re-UV-mapping some game models)

The textures I’m using are all game textures, and thus are all 512x512, and I’ve had no such problem. Could it be the dimensions, perhaps?

nope, not for me. Size is allright

Sizing is not a problem. I typically use texture maps, (painted myself in PS), of 3000x3000 pixels, with no problems.

I actually have not had this problem in the UV editor in a long time though, now that I really think about it.