Problem with 2.75a

I got really excited for the incorporation of AMD cards into Blender, so I set the kernel environment to 1, set Blender to gpu rendering, and it gave me an error. Oh well, my 6620g isn’t supported. Guess I’ll go back to cpu. Except now Blender crashes when switching to cycles, clicking the render settings tab, or trying to go to my user preferences. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it still happens. I tried to delete all Blender files and the folder for 2.75 and reinstalled and it still happens. I replaced the config files and startup files with an older version (which still works fine) and it still crashes. I deleted all the files in the appdata\roaming folder, deleted all the files in the program data folder, then reinstalled and it still crashes. I loaded factory settings and it crashes. It worked fine before I tried to switch to GPU and now I can’t get 2.75a to work with cycles at all even though the 2.74 version still works fine. I even went back and tried to set kernel back to the all setting and it didn’t help. Did I just screw myself out of getting an updated version of Blender forever? What the heck happened? How do I fix this?

You need to update your AMD GPU drivers.

I have been using an 8.x driver on Windows 7 forever now and was running blender 2.74 without any problems at all. When I search for updated drivers there are none. I manually updated to 15.x driver in order for Blender to recognize my GPU at all, but the drivers from AMD that started coming out around Windows 10 are broken on my GPU and won’t allow games or videos to be played above 15 frames per second. When blender tried to render on my GPU it gave me the error telling me that my card wasn’t compatible, and to avoid the framerate issues with the latest drivers, I immediately rolled back to the 8.x driver I was using before. Blender 2.74 still works just fine, and 2.75 worked fine on the same driver before I tried to make it render with my GPU. I just can’t get it back to the way it was before I tried this.

Yeah, sorry to hear that. Blender and AMD GPU just don’t get along at the moment, not only cycles is not supported unless you have a newer edition card but the 3d viewport can TDR and blender can stop responding (depends on the manufacturer and model).

This issue was in the bug reports before, the fix is installing the latest drivers.

My suggestion would be to get a Nvidia card next time you update your hardware…

I’m not sure you understand the problem here. My graphics card has nothing to do with this. Until today I have only ever used and enabled CPU render. 2.75a and 2.74 Blender ran perfectly fine doing so. No crashes and no errors. Only after trying to use my GPU just to test it out on 2.75a did the problems start. It’s like 2.75a has somehow saved a setting or compiled the software to remember that I enabled GPU rendering in my user settings and now it throws an error every time I try to do anything that would pull up that information (such as switching to cycles or to the render tab or going into user preferences>system). 2.74 is still working with cycles like it always has. 2.75a is just crashing. It has to be a file I am missing somewhere or a way to recompile the render engine to use CPU on 2.75a. This has nothing to do with my graphics card or graphics card driver or else 2.75a would have never worked to begin with and 2.74 would not still be working. It’s a setting somewhere that I don’t know is being saved that still has my GPU enabled.