Problem with 3D max obj import

I have a problem with 3D Max import… I know this is a blender forum but maybe an other people already faced with my problem.
I exported a blender model into an obj file. When I import it back to blender it works fine but if I import the obj into Max there is an UV problem: the importer merges UV islands which are on top of one another. for example: if I duplicate an unwrapped mesh the duplicated mesh’s UV island will be on top of the other UV island and it’s okay in blender I can separate them but the Max importer merge them! I could fix it in Max but it’s extra work and the conversion from blender to max would be regular so it would be great if I could solve the importer’s problem.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Is Max able to support any other formats that Blender can export to? I’ve never worked with Max, but that seems like it could be your solution.

I believe that in 3DS vertices that share identical coordinates is considered to be an illegal operation within the core of the system and they are automatically discarded. I think this carries over to UV editing as well. You might try offsetting the verts in the UV map by a very, very small value and exporting again.

Homeworkbad: I have tried other formats but each of them had a problem…

m9105826: yes, now I use your solution but it is not a perfect solution :slight_smile:

anyway, thanks for the help guys!