Problem with 3ds Import


i’ve a problem with the 3ds importer.

I want to import several 3ds objects in one scene, after this i transform them. The import works well.

The Files are from an export of a furniture designer and for example a baththube has 8 parts, and every part is an 3ds file, the transformation is saved in a seperate xml file, i parse it and multiply it with each object.

The problem is, that all the imported 3ds objects are not in the origin, how can I change this? Because i want to rotate them around the origin. How to set them to x=0,y=0, z=0 on loading?


locations are lost on export at the moment, I fond it better to export all objects transformed, since 3ds’s matricies seem to be delt with differently in different apps.
But support is possible, even was in there at one time but I recall it was un-relyable.