problem with a car game

i start to learn the bge and python, and i try to make a car game,
i have a car and i write some script to make it move, its almost work fine but i still have some problem:

  1. when the car is stop its start to have a little jumps and moving on the surface, why it’s happen and how to solve that?
  2. i see alot of tuts that connect the wheels of the car in the script, y to do that and not to put them on the right place from the start? and also they always use a script that named “”, i also read about it in the blender docs, they write there that u can use the “Vehicle Controller - is a special type of physics object that the Physics Engine (bullet) recognizes.” but they dont give a link to the script and they have a demo file but the download page not work.

i also try to search for this problem in google but still cant find a good answar, thx!

somebody can pls help me?:frowning:

the vehicle constraint is very poorly documented. ill post an example here soon.

i forgot to unlink the HUD scene from my starter file. ignore the warning about a missing library.


wheels.blend (1.58 MB)

The script you are mentioning is to setup the vehicle wrapper in-game. it basically assembles the vehicle together after you started the game.

The Vehicle Wrapper has no GUI-support.

To make it easier for beginners like you I create the Visual Vehicle Wrapper. It should help you creating cars with more visual support.

Hint: I just tried the 1.4 demo with Blender 2.79 and it was working fine.