Problem with a Pelvis Rig

Hello, I’m new here and in 3D in general. I’m an Erotic Artist and I have been drawing for a little while now on some Adult Artwork communities, but I always found 3D interesting although intimidating, but I’ve slowly been going up the steps and I finally decided to start my own project instead of just following tutorials. However I have run up against my first real wall in Blender.

During the rigging of a character I made, I have run into an issue around the Hip/Pelvis area where when I left the leg up the mesh deforms badly on the inner thigh. I have watched some of DanPro’s videos covering weight painting, specially around that area, but for some reason I just can’t get it to work. I assume what’s causing the issue are the “genital bones” that I added to help me control genitals and pose them as I wish for the final shot.

I’ve tried everything I know and have searched and watched videos but I simply can’t fix it.

Since I read it is required to post the blend file here it is but I warn that it obviously contains nudity and genitals to those that may get offended by such things.

Hip_Rig_BA.blend (1.78 MB)

I also want to apologize for my poor English, since it’s not my main language.