Problem with AC3D Export/Import in Blender

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But perhaps somebody else can help me…


I have some problems with importing and exporting AC3D files in Blender.
I work with Framsticks which use AC files (version 3)
So, I have put the option AC3D-4 to False (to avoid the crease line)

But my problem is about textures.

There is a line texture … in my files.
Blender can read the file, and display the texture, but I can’t access to this texture ! Why ?
And when I try to make another texture in Blender and export my AC files, the texture is not writed in the files…

Can you help me ?

Thanks a lot

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Alain Lioret

hi does this problem still exist?

If so I’ll file a bug report - we will need a sample file,



EDIT: actually, it’s just that the textures are exported as UV data… took a while to find out. Too much time away from blender… XD