Problem with Action actuator

I’m trying to make an animated crosshair that changes its shape when close to an interactive object.
I have done this before, using Blender 2.69, but with the 2.71.1 release, there’s a new Mouse actuator, so I wanted to use that instead of a python script.

I got mouselook working, created the crosshair object and got it to sense the green ball in front of it, but then I ran into some trouble with the animation that was supposed to play after the detection. I tested the controller with a Motion actuator and it was working fine. It was a shape key, so I thought maybe that was the problem.
First I tried using a driver: same problem. Then I tried using bone animations. Still not working. The animations played fine in the preview, didn’t in blenderplayer.
Then I tried different versions of Blender.
2.71 official release = crosshair(shape key) doesn’t animate, door(armature) does
2.71 buildbot version 83f5d41 = both crosshair and door don’t animate
2.71 buildbot vc9 version 81c3fc9 = same
2.69 release worked perfectly, the door opened and the crosshair didn’t appear until it was close enough.

I have uploaded the old scene that worked in 2.69(house.blend) and the new scene that didn’t work in any versions(Interaction_1.blend).

TL;DR: Action actuator with Shape Key doesn’t work, works with Armature in only the first example blendfile.

I really hope I’m just doing something wrong.

Your issues have already been confirmed here

The devs. are aware of it, so it may very well soon be fixed.

Thank you. Didn’t think of searching Phabricator.