Problem with Action Editor

First… if here’s the wrong place to ask questions about the Action Editor then sry^^

And this is my problem:

I got 2 objects…
A room, and a elevator.

When I enter the elevator, he should move down.

Now I select the elevator and then loc 2 positions with “Insert Key”… Start- and endposition, so just the elevator should move.

So how can I do it that just the elevator moves?

But when I test this then both, elevator and room moving down.

If your room is moving its because:
IPO keys assigned
Activated Physics for the “room” object ( actor)
An earthquake :wink:

No Ipo Keys for room and no Physics for both… and I’m not aware of an earthquake^^

Well, post a .blend, maybe?!

Had to kill most of the file cause of the file size limitation… don’t know why the file so big:o

I figured out that, if I insert a key, the key will be used for both, room and lift.

I don’t know really much about animation, so that’s a problem for me^^


bridge_lift2.blend (976 KB)

there are many things wrong in your scene

The lift is not “animated”, there’s no IPO keys
You should add one Loc Key in top Position in frame 1
Then in frame 100 for ex., move the lift to Down positon and add another Loc key ( in IPO Curves editor or I key in the 3D window)
Then ( ex.) Collision Sensor -> AND -> IPO Actuator - start:1 end:100

Many “normals” faces are inverted!

Your character have a BIG mass?!

AND there’s no lift door???

Sry… forgott to save after adding them… You added them yourself?

When I add the first(top position) and then move to frame 100 the room is moving away. (Maybe try yourself if haven’t yet)
Everytime the room AND the lift get the Locs… :frowning:

This things with face inverted, big mass aren’t effect the scene to cause this problem, don’t they?

Oh… lift door^^ just tested in mesh yet to see where the lift is goinig, so haven’t seen the wall there… but the char can enter it with some speed and windings^^