Problem with Actions Animations and Armature.

Hi, so i have been working on a game for about 2 months now i am working on one of my characters but i am having serious issues involving Game Play.

Let me go to the highest amount of detail possible,

  • The character has animations that work fine in both Blender and Blender Game Engine.
  • A problem occurs when ever i play the game, a random animation will not work properly but in most cases its expected to happen.

The problem here is when i am testing the animations with a fully Dynamic character… you know what you would see in a actual video game there is a problem with some actuators and animation for example when i want my character to do a tight turn this will equal " SPACE + Left Arrow" together in order for it to work but in this case it will work but then the animation stops working and the characters animation is completely frozen the only way to play the game correctly is to relaunch the game itself.

Other issues are incorrect animations when they are not suppose to play like a walk animation when the Up Arrow is not even pressed.

What should i do about this? I cant figure out the problems and correct me if im wrong about this problem being fully Actuator related or so forth.

I use a property to manage animations,


if “Anim” is changed--------------------and-------------Action by property “Anim”

and then the animation handlers look like this

if “Anim” min: (Start frame) man: (End Frame-1)–and—Add 1 to Anim
if “Anim” = End Frame ----------------and-------------Anim = 0

where 0 “is idle”

So, you can use the property “Anim” to handle actions, as well as trigger python or add objects etc.

in theory you could use Anim + python to do all sorts of neat things,


Play frames “Swing” 1 2 3 4 5 (blocked) 4 3 2 1

So you can have animations interrupted gracefully,

this fps guns shooting, and reloading are handled with logic


TorqueFPS.blend (2.97 MB)

Check this out ( a little over in depth I know)


BlockAnimationFinishFlip.blend (443 KB)

Well unfortunately the issue was not solved and the character is still buggy leaving me the no choice to start all over with a new Armature.

I also blame the fact that the character was originally built in Blender 2.49b it was insanity trying to get my character to properly function so this lead to several things like remodeling of the character unless there were any porting options that i knew of it was never provided so i went the hard way.

Well, if the mesh has actions, you can use them you just may need to update how you are handeling them,

Man honestly i wont even lie to you everything seems to be working incorrectly no matter what i do the character still has bugs and issues that this is just getting absurd im in the brink of just giving up.

I dont make progress with Blender i only do nothing but fixes and fix after fix after fix i dont know why they went for this Blender i know some people wont agree with what i have to say but the new Blenders “to me” are the absolute worst the old Blenders did not even take long for me to get used to it only took me 2 weeks to get full use of this new Blender is a nightmare to work with not to mention the entire rearranging of layouts gets confusing the UI isnt even stable its so buggy that the workplace is just atrocious i hate it so much.

Several features dont even work and the time it took me to get used to this Blender is actually unknown i struggled with it so much that i no longer wanted to deal with it but of course its no longer possible to port to an older version im stuck using this.

The old Blender was fine why fix what was not broken again this is all me but i do infact stand by what i say that the 2.5 and above versions are the worst.



I may be able to fix it for you,