problem with actuator track to and a mesh plane


i don’t manage to apply an actuator track to camera on a plane. i test it with a cube and it works.
i join a blend project. you can use left/right arrow in order to move the camera. As you can see the cube follow the camera but the plane disappears… any idea ?

trackToPB.blend (487 KB)

thanks !

Fixed. You just had to rotate it 90 degrees along Z axis in edit mode.


trackToPB.blend (489 KB)

great ! i don’t understand why but it works ! can you explain me ?

thank you Jackii !

No problem. When it tracks the camera it goes perpendicular on it so it disappears because it’s only 2 dimensions (doesn’t have depth).

In other words:

A plane is a single face mesh. For performance reasons a face is only visible from one side. If you let the plane track to the camera it is only visible if the front (the visible side) is tracking to the camera. Usually this is the local -Y-axis (can be changed by configuration).

All other axis wither show the plane from the side = not visible (a face has no depth) or from back = not visible too.