problem with add mesh menu in Bmesh latest SVN ?

i tried to run an add mesh menu with latest Bmesh SVN and nothing is happening

and no errors !

so is there an example for this type of menu in latest Bmesh SVN

so i can correct my old script and make these work again

thanks for any feedback

hi, just check your addon against the ones in 2.63
there seem to be no problems & I’ve been testing changing add_mesh_extra objects recently.

btw, do you have any add_mesh addons you would like to share?

i have many add_mesh addons but with Bmesh they are all not working right now!

need to may be convert to Bmesh first!

but my first problem is to make the menu for these add mesh work again in latest SVN 2.63 with Bmesh!

but i’ll check the script for extra objects and see if i can pin point the differences!


not certain what happen in this file!

i copied all functions into anoher file one by one and check if ok

then eveything began to work normally !

one questions here

the latest SVN seems to be running old scripts with no problems

does it means we ahve 2 kind of data block in 2.63 ?

i mean no more problems with Bmesh for older scripts ?