Problem with adding an object

I try to create Domino game, but i ran into a problem, when i try to create the domino brick (the game is about making you course) the brich has scaled larger on the z-axis and smaller og the x-axis
The game is attached, so just download it and try to play… To create dominos, press Space.
Please tell me if it works correct on your PC or if you have a solution…



Domino.blend (164 KB)

Hey Anders!

Got it to work. I think the problem with the weaird scaling is because of some bug in blender. however you can cheat the software by scaling the Domino brick, like ‘squeeze’ it together. I got the game to work (plus I added a ‘push’ hand to you can make the domino bricks fall. :smiley:

if I were you I wouldn’t use Lasphere’s method. it makes things get messed up and is just confusing. an easier way is select the domino that adds the dominos and click control-a and apply scale and rotation. it will fix the problem.

btw I made a game exactly like this :slight_smile:

Just select the domino piece and hit ctrl-A in 246 select the first option in the messagebox.
It worked for me :slight_smile:
Edit: And if you want to do anything else just say it, like making it a real domino game.
It’s not actually a bug in the BGE, it just seems like a bug. It’s because of the scaling of objects applies to the added objects.

thats what I said :smiley:

I didn’t see it…

Tyvm, i worked

Uhu! Just added a Magnet fuction to the game :smiley: xD