Problem with adding modifiers to a linked duplicate

So I’m trying to make an ‘exoskeleton’ around a polygon and I want to be able to edit the original shape and the wire-frame to copy whatever changes I make. I tried testing this with a cube and linked duplicating works just as I want it to, however. I just got 2.71 and used the wire-frame modifier and as soon as I add this the linked duplicate stops working.

Is there anyway to work around this apart from adding the modifier at the very last moment?

As you can see when there is no modifier selecting the outside vertex also selects the inside. With a modifier it doesn’t :confused:


Problem With Modifiers.blend (487 KB)

In your example the update to the mesh does happen when you go back to object mode

You could just add the wireframe modifier to one cube, set the offset to give the size difference and disable the ‘replace original’ option


wire.blend (483 KB)