Problem with alpha on image in large noodle - I need some help... please?

I have done just about everything I can think of to try and get this working. The viewer node shows exactly how this image needs to be rendered, but the final output from the compositing node shows the ‘scribble’ image in the background. Not only that, but the whole scene is using image as an alpha.

As shown in noodles.jpg

What I would like to have happen is that the scribble ‘image’ (red) gets masked by the ‘diffuse’ layer (viewer 1). On top of that the ‘shadow’ layer is alpha-ed on top of that (viewer 2). The ‘spec’ layer is alpha-ed on top of that (viewer 3). I then take the ‘edge’ layer’s output (shown in viewer 4) and alpha it on top of everything else (viewer 5).

Basically, this should result in an image rendered in Toon style with white as the main color, scribbles in the mid tones and black shadows.

The problem

Everything shows up properly in the viewers, A-OK. However, when I render it, the scribble image shows up in the background. I want the figure to appear by itself with a transparent background so that I can overlay this character (and many others in a similar style) into another video.

Could somebody please tell me where I am going wrong here? :confused:

The .blend file is ~4MB so it won’t upload here so you can find it here: