Problem with an image

(Sinistar) #1

I’m working on a silly game and I would like to add a text.
If I click add>text the text doesn’t appear. So, I added a plane and I put a jpg image on it (uvmap). If I press shift+f10 the image is perfect but when i press “p” the image appears with a bad resolution and the text is ugly and difficult to read.
The other images that I used for the game are good and so I can’t understand why the images with the text appears so.
What can I do?

(TurboG) #2

Ok. For games you usualy use ALT+P not just plain P. But thats if you’ve UV Mapped or want texture representation. I think all yuo need to do is Subdivide the object multiple times and click off of it…when you click back it shoud be better quality. After Subdividing a few times if its still not clear do a subsurface lvl 2. I think thats about right but I may be totaly wrong. Sry if I am

(Sinistar) #3

For games you usualy use ALT+P not just plain P

??? to run a game i use P…

If I subdivide the plane, the image on it doesn’t change quality…
thanks anyway…