Problem with angles

After about a year with occasional blendering I just realised I have never seen any tool for connecting intersecting lines. Since I haven’t seen any intersection snapping I kinda wonder how ppl do it, if they do it. Cause if there isn’t any tool for this I can’t see how it is possible to get “perfectly” intersected lines when I do architectural modeling.

Is there any scripts for this or any tool I don’t know about?

Edit: I know about the boolean function but it crashes alot and allmost never work for me.


Fourmadmen wrote a script that does this. Unfortunately I don’t remember if it came bundled with Blender or not. In edit mode, do Mesh menu->Scripts and look for “Compute Edge Intersection.”

If it’s not there you will have to install the script. Search the forum with terms “Fourmadmen” and “intersection.” to find the threads.

Edit: I found it. Download the script here.

See this thread for a script:


awesome, thanks! :smiley: