Problem with Animating duplicated parent-child objects...

Hey fellow Blenderheads,

Need some help with something I’ve been trying to figure out for hours.

To make the example simple:

Suppose I have and object (child) that is parented to another object (parent).

In the example, I make the parent suddenly appear by scaling from zero to a value, animate the rotation of the parent which makes the child follow and then make it disappear by scaling to zero again(see below). All is fine.

When I duplicate parent and child and position the object elsewhere, the animation also runs fine (see below).

However, when I move the transforms in the dopesheet to another position in the timeline, the child collapses to the center after the animation of the original ends, so if it goes beyond the animation of the original (see below).

I don’t get what’s going on here. Shouldn’t the duplicated hierarchy also be completely independent (I also ‘make duplicates real’)? What’s copied in the animation that causes this?

Is it possible to make a ‘true’ copy that I can animate independently this way or do I have to set up each parent child relationship manually?

Thanks for any help,

Care to post your test file? Because I just created a test case of an ico-sphere above a cube, animated it, duplicated it, moved the keyframes around in the timeline, and it works fine for me. Please note that I am using blender 2.74 (haven’t upgraded recently)…


Thanks for trying to help Randy, but I figured it out when I woke up this morning.

I forgot the setup is based on text (not an object) following the Bezier Circle. So this circle is selected for Text on Curve in the Font panel. When I copy, the Text on Curve of the copy was pointing to the first circle. When I change it to the new circle, all is fine.

That’s the reason why this works fine for any other parent-child objects.
Oh man…

Note to self: sleep on things once in a while. :confused: