Problem with animating grass


I want to make animated grass in cycles with the hair particles and using a wind force field with it.
I also want to use a modeled grass model.
So in the particles > hair > render settings I choose object ( or group if I wil use more then one ) instead of path.

The problem is that I only get some rotation at the bottom ( the point where the “hair / grass” starts ) and not on some higher points. My grass model has about 5 loopcuts ( I tried more but it did not make any changes ).

When I use particles > hair > render settings and then path it does work fine and it bends at the bottom, middle, and top. But when I choose object or group it only bends at the bottom?

So, how can i get my grass also to bend at the middle and top to make it a bit more realistic?
Is there a special setting I have to look at?
Or is this something that is just not possible?

( I am not using the grass essentials pack. )