Problem with animating multiple textures

I have two textures in same object and I have tried to animate only the second one, but it animates just the first one. When I add OfsX Ipo to my material, only first one moves.

How can I choose what texture I am animating?

In the IPO window header, next to the rollout menu (“Material”) is a box with a number inside. Change this number to the correct texture channel.

THANKS!!! This is just what needed:D.

Hello! Along those same lines – I have a mesh with an animated material (no textures). I need to give this mesh a 2nd material index, and animate that 2nd material index differently than the original material… but I must be overlooking how to do this.

When I try to add a keyframe for the 2nd material index, it changes both material indexes to the new color… Any way to do this?

UPDATE: nevermind, I figured it out. Just assigned another, already animated material to the 2nd index in the Links and Materials.