Problem with animation blending in game engine

Hi guys.

I’m experiencing some problems regarding animation blending when testing out my character in the game engine. I have the idle animation working correctly. As soon as I fire up the player the character goes into the idle animation and it loops correctly. When I start walking forward the walking animation blends in nicely and loops correctly but here’s where the problems start. If I have the walking animation on the same layer as the idle animation, when I stop walking the character will just stand there and will not go back to the idle animation. If I have the walking animation on another layer and stop walking, the idle animation will start but it won’t blend in. It just snaps and it looks bad. So how do I make it so that when I stop walking, the character will go back to the idle animation with a nice blend?

I have another problem also. I created a taunt animation to test from idle and walking animations. It works in the sense that the animation begins when I trigger it but only the arm and wrist are rotating. For some reason the fingers don’t move (he’s supposed to flip the bird) so he just bring his arm up and takes it back down. I checked the taunt animation itself and it plays correctly outside of the game engine. What could cause this?

I uploaded my blend file incase someone wants to take a look:

All help is appreciated! Thanks!

Thanks for your help but there wasn’t anything in that video that I didn’t already know. In fact in that video I saw the same problem I’m having. When he stopped waving the character’s hand the arm snapped back to the the walk animation instead of blending into it. I’m trying to find out how to set it up so that when I stop walking around my character blends back into the idle animation instead of snapping back into it. I hope I’m explaining it properly.

Hello, I quickly tested your file and see that you use an always sensor for the idle animation, and I think this is what conflict with others.
I tried to change it for a sensor keyboard with active “all key” and “invert”, and idle and others animations blended correctly.

Be aware that because the sensor I used is setup with “all key”, whatever key I pressed stopped the idle animation, so the best is to setup the same sensors that you use for the others animations with the same key, active “invert”, and connect all these sensors to you idle, so theoretically if only wasd etc aren’t press (invert) the idle should blend fine.

Hope I explained correctly.

Thanks! That fixed my blending back to idle problem. I found that I only needed to set one sensor to get it to work. Instead of setting a sensor for inverted W, A, S ans D I just set one for an inverted W and it works great.

Now does anyone have any idea why the fingers won’t move in my taunt animation? It works correctly if I just play the animation in Blender Render using the time scrubber but if I look at it in the game engine the fingers don’t work.