problem with animation in game engine

I am using blender 2.44. My problem is demonstrated in a blend file here:

It is an altered version of WalkcycleTest.blend avaialble from the bottom of this
blender web page:

I altered the file to parent the character to the armature so that
I could play the animation in the game engine by pressing the
uparrow. That part works fine. My problem is that when I press p
to start the game engine, the character does not sink onto the
platform (a cube) below it. If I remove the parenting, then the
character does sink to the platform, but of course pressing the
uparrow no longer causes the animation to run. So, what I need to
know is how to have the character do both things: (1) be “physical”,
i.e. have gravity and bump into things such as the platform,
and (2) play its animation when I push the uparrow.

I have done this with a very similar small demo I developed myself
but can NOT figure out why this one is failing to do the same thing.
Any help would be much appreciated.

I think the issue is you parented the character to the armature, so it can’t fall onto the platform. The solution should be to make the armature dynamic so it falls onto the floor, and the character follows it. However, I tried that, and it didn’t work :X

Yes, I had tried that also. I did not really want to list all things I had tried
but hoped someone could explain what would work.
Thanks anyway.

I may have found the answer to my own question. I am not sure if this is the best
way to do things or not, but I found that if I increased the Radius (of the bounding sphere)
to 3.0, the guy sinks perfectly onto the platform.

Try adding an empty. Parent the armature to that. Make the empty an actor and dynamic.

yes, your problem it’s the “radius” size!
But you have a “weird” setup, here?
In a “normal” way, the “ACTOR” should be the Armature, and the center
int the middle of the object?!

Yes, you are right. I have shifted all that stuff back to the armature including
logic bricks. It is all working fine now. Thanks very much for the help.