Problem with animation

I have done some animations in blender and had no problem, but now, I have encountered an issue i can’t figure out why. From frame one, i set my pose, insert key frame, move the slider to an empty spot to frame two, create my next pose and insert key frame and so on. In my case, I only insert Location Rotation. Assume that i have 10 frames and 10 poses in total for the character. When I play the Animation, the character seems to remain in the last pose that was set, which is the 10th. When i move the animation slider by hand i am suppose to see the changes created by the poses between 1-10, but i only see the 10th pose from 1-10. Example, if i play the animation or move the slider to frame one, all i see is the 10th pose instead of the pose i created for frame one. so it doesn’t matter where the animation slider is i only see the last pose in my animation.
I hope someone understands what i mean.

how i do it.

Once I setup my pose i highlight only the bones that were posed and insert key frames.
i have also tried highlighting the entire armature and inserting a key frame and that didn’t work.

Thanks for viewing!

All the posed bones where selected when you locked Location rotation. Look in the dope sheet to see what bones have been key framed.

THANKS Kazinger!!! Your totally right! It was a stupid noob mistake on my part. I should have paid close attention to the Dope Sheet.