Problem with append brushes


I have a silly problem and I can’t find the solution:
I downloaded a .blend with many brushes and I’m trying to append them to my project

I select all of them but when I append I only see and select some of them

The brushes are there because I can find them in my Orphan Files, for example A|Orb_Flatten_EdgeProtect (I also try to protect them with a fake user)

Where can I find the brushes?
Why I can’t see all of them?



in the texturefolder

and there is an buildinaddon import brush Sets
after installation you can import all Brushes

unfortunately all are then loaded, a selective
selection probably does not work

hi there, did you ever find a solution for this ? i’ve been trying to import this exact brush set and encountering the same problem (even down to the same brushes not appearing)