problem with appending armature

I want to append an armature from one project to another. In the new project, i press shift F1 and i select the older project, browse to the armature and click ‘load library’ but it won’t appear in the new project. I also tried middle-click on the armature, but that doesn’t work eather. I use blender 2.49 b.
What do i do wrong?

the object its maybe in another layer or scene?
Check in the Outliner window, maybe?

I’ve had the same problem.
Go to Append.
Objects Category, and load the armature from there.

you can also add a new armature
and then click the little arrows next to “AR:” in the link and materials tab and select your appended armature

thanks! It worked when I picked the armature from the objects file. Not the armatures file. Strange.

the armature data lives inside the object