Problem with applying a texture to part of a mesh and render result

(Brah Rah) #1

I have no idea how to fix this I’ve tried resizing the mesh in UV edit which changed nothing. I’ve tried it with the Texture Coord and Mapping node and the lines get distorted. I’ve been trying to fix this for >4 hours now. Nobody in discord or irc has an answer. None of the searches and video tutorials have addressed this problem PLz help!!! X_X

(SterlingRoth) #2

can you share a screenshot of your nodes, or better yet, the blend?

(Brah Rah) #3

Door A 012.blend (5.2 MB)
Here you go!

Oh wait I forgot to pack the textures sec. Here is the correct one: (~30mb)

(Brah Rah) #4

I finally found the problem the texture isn’t a repeating texture that why it shows it like that.