Problem with applyRotation() with 2.63 and Dynamic object [FIXED]


Just updated Blender to latest version using cheleb PPA (Ubuntu 12.04 32bit) and noticed that my mouse-look test-game gone wild with rotation. I tried to use very small applyRotation() values but controlled object spins like crazy :spin: .

Here is test blend with both static and dynamic object which are rotated using same script. On my Blender dynamic cube rotates hundreds of degrees per second, wile static - slowly as it should: (59.8 KB)

Is it same for you? Is it a Blender bug or some kind subtle change?

Same with me, game runs perfectly normal in 2.62 or below, but goes all funky in 2.63. Also noticed that the torque and angular rotation also behaved slightly off (though not as crazy as rotation). Already reported it as a bug?

No, not yet. I guess I should though…

i use 2.60 , and work correctly the physic…

(of course there is not even a face but this is another bug story)

I just scaled down my rotation values to decimals, form 2 to .5 and it seams to work better, but not perfect

I did notice the degree sign appears in the UI window now, so if it were in radians before and now degrees… (well, then you’d actually do the opposite and increase the values, so I have no idea). In my case, no matter how little/large rotation I add, even if only on the global Z axis only, the object undergoes a very high rotation and changes directions, not along the global Z. I feel like that would indeed imply a bug and not operator error since even if the rotation were set to be high it should not fall into different rotation axises, so you may as well report it if you haven’t already :wink:

Yes, I have reported.

Has anyone got a workaround? I’m having fun with a glitching character doing backflips when I try to move. ^^

Damn it, same problem goes here! Messing my game!!!
Instead of making GE better, is getting worst with each releasE?

They fixed much more than they made worse, the ‘Add Obj - Steering’ bug is fixed, so are many others. But I think I’ll stick to 2.62 for a while, at least until I can find a workaround for this.