Problem with Armature and Animation

I’ve model a character rigged it using rigify and was animating it early until I pressed the [F] button to save the current animation, then my character or the armature deformed weirdly.
Screen Cap:
I’ve made 15 animation on the same armature.
If nothing can be done about the problem, how can I export the animation only.
I do have a backup but that was before I’ve animated it and I do not want to do all those animation again.

I am sorry to have to say that unless you have been really lucky - it sounds like your blend file is screwed. You may like to consider making multiple incremental backups as you progress with your animations. There is NO substitute for backing up at regular intervals and I personally keep at least three back issues of all my blend files.

You can try posting the file here or onto, then we can look at it. it is hard to be definitive without a blend file.

Cheers, Clock.

Try to append in your action to your backup file from the one you are having the issue with and see if it will play on your rig. Assuming your rigs are the same.

Ok, I’ve figured it out.
All I had to do was delete the armature and re-generate it from the meta-rig as I was using rigify, after doing so it seemed to work fine.