Problem with armatures screwing up

(gorgan_almi) #1

Hi I’m doing my first bit of character animation and i’m having problems with the armatures all twisting up. They work fine in design mode even when a mesh is parented to it, but when I try to play it in a game (when i push ‘P’) the armature and the mesh parented to it all screws up in a bunch with all the bones overlapping, and it refuses to play any animation during the game. The animations themselves are fine cose they work ok when i play them with ALT-A.

Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong? Some 1 plez help, cose I haven’t got a clue whats wrong and my mates r pushing me to get my game working.

I can get u pics of the armature before and after screwing up if it’ll help



(Hos) #2

Hi gorgon_almighty,

I don’t have an answer to your question, but I do have some
advice for you: you should post this question to the
“Realtime Engine” forum also. I think you are more likely
to get an answer to your question that way.


(amy_aimei) #3

I have the same problem as you. Did you get the solution? I noticed that the bones have different direction as the armature. This is the reason why the model is twisted by the armature when the model is parented by the armature, but I don’t know how to fix it. :frowning:

If anyone know how to fix it please let us know. Thanks.

(B-headed) #4

Got a similar problem here. Except that armature seems to change rotation depending on how many times you press the tab key to go in and out of edit mode. Something weird happening here. However, during normal/poser mode, armature goes back to original position…Already cleared all rotation/size/location but problem still persists. Anim works as long as I don’t screw it up, if I do, I’ll have to press tab 12 times to revert to original position.

(gorgan_almi) #5

Thats another thing i noticed - whenever i go into edit mode the whole armature and the mesh parented to it rotates by about 45 degrees and when i exit edit mode it rotates back again.

The animations work fine with ALT+A but when i press ‘P’ the armature and the mesh parented to it screws up with the bones overlapping.

This is happening in a modified version of an old .BLEND file which still has IKAs in it. Does anyone know if theres a bug in Blender which would cause this to happen?


(Rob) #6

Glad it is not just me. :-?

Some times the tab cycle thing happens and sometimes not. For some reason some arms decide they should face the other way. May be something to do with the direction they were created in? Even if it is a feature and not a bug, it needs fixing.


(TorQ) #7

Are you using constraints to animate you character? If so you have to bake your action before it will work in the game engine. By the way I am having a bootload of constrined armature problems and just recently posted a question in the Realtime forum.


(ndnchief) #8

Bake your action? What is that, and how do you do it… My grandfather said the only stupid question is the one not asked, I hope that applies here…


(TorQ) #9

Animations using constraints don’t work in GAmeBlender. So to get an animation using constraints into the game you have to bake the action. What that does basiclly is put a keyframe on all bones on every frame so that the animation is no longer dependent on the constraint relationships. Its a really cool function, though I think its only available in Blender Publisher.


(gorgan_almi) #10

OK ppl guess what I found the solution to my problem!!!

Blender allows you to parent meshes to an armature in 2 ways, you can either:

  1. Parent the mesh directly to the armature using the vertex group deformation feature, or

  2. Parent a seperate mesh to each bone of the armature (the only option avaliable with the old IKA system).

Both methods work fine when running the animation using ALT+A, but for some reason only the first method works when running a game. The second method causes the armature and meshes to screw up when the game is run - the problem that we’ve been having.

I was originally using the second method instead of the first so that I didn’t have to create new meshes when converting my old IKA animations into Armature action animations. You can still get away with using a seperate mesh for each bone though, all you have to do is parent each mesh directly to the armature, and set all the vertex’s of each mesh to be deformed by the bone you want them to follow. The result:- No mesh deformations, but each mesh follows its bone as if it was parented to it.

Hope this solves all your problems, I know it solved mine!

Happy Blenderin ppl! :smiley:

Keith. 8)