problem with array modifier

Hey I am working on this tutorial with Jonathon Williamson on the MK4 rifle barrel I think it called hat and I am using a mirror modifyer and an array modifyer but it is not together. Would like to fix that before I get to far into this series. What am I doing wrong?

No blend file to look at for a precise solution.

Try enabling the Merge option in the array modifier (adjust merge distance) or just model it more accurately so no gap

I did merge that in the array and then I applied the subsurf and smooth. Now it has black around it.

Here is he blend file

Looks like the rotations is off slightly so the vertices on each copy isn’t aligning properly,also as @Richard said the merge option needs to be enabled.

DCBloodHound Yea I did merge it on the array modifyer before I uploaded the blend file. Is that the only place to do that or did I miss a step and I didn’t realize that the rotation is off. How do I fix that?

The thing about these tutorials is that sometimes you have to do some parts your own way by using knowledge you have learned.I’ve done most of the tutorials on BlenderCookie,including this one.

Top One is mine,bottom one is yours.

Hope you don’t mind but i used fewer vertices on the sides,it’s easy to fix though.


mk4_rIfleMod.blend (118 KB)

Thanks for the tip. I noticed that I am off on my rotation I am going to try to fix mine. Actually it’s a good way for me to learn. Will there be a tutorial on that subject?

It would be easier to redo it.

Ok I will redo it again. Your right, I will redo it again And I thought I was doing so good with this. Just thought is the rest of that off as well or just the barrel?

The rest looks good and clean,just the barrel needs to be fixed.Failing is the first road to success :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW is this the fist time you are doing the tutorial?.I gave up twice in the past before finishing it on my third try.

Feel free to ask if you are stuck with other parts of the tutorial,it’s past midnight here so will chat again tomorrow.

Yes this is my first time doing this tutorial. I will be sure to ask again if I need to. Thank you for your help.

I have started the barrel over. I am working on doing the 3D cursor which I have done but when I want to scale the barrel it isn’t working for me. When I hit Scale the cursor is on the highlighted verticey and not on the 3d cursor. When I hit the period it zooms in instead.
Not sure what I am doing wrong.

You might want to enable the 3d manipulator widget.This is the period key -> . <-,basically just the dot you use to end a sentence.

You can manually change it so the pivot point is around the 3d cursor by clicking on the drop down menu next to the view port shading menu (Which is next to the Mode menu)

I got it working now for me. Thanks for the help

No problem.