Problem with 'array' modifier

Hello. My first post in blenderartists:D so g’day to all. My problem is I’m trying to use the array modifier to fill a cupboard full of draws.I do the first cube lying at the bottom, and when i go to center the origin I’m told i have to be in object mode, I try to select just the cube(drawer) in object mode but the whole model is selected ??, to put simple, when I apply the array modifier the array is applied to the other parts as well.

Objects are manipulated in object mode, and object data in edit mode. There are no objects to edit in edit mode, just the contents of one object. Modifiers work in object data level. No matter what the array count says, there’s just one object, which you can verify from the outliner.

Could you please be more specific, e. g. by adding a screenshot of what is happening or - even better - an example .blend file to check?

This is what I understand from your post: You modeled a cupboard. And now you want to fill that with drawers via an array modifier. You added the first drawer and now everything - cupboard and drawer - is one object, so the array modifier will affect everything?

Well, to expand further on the previous answer: An “object” in Blender is like a container for various contents. Switching from Object mode to Edit mode is like entering that container and changing its contents.

I guess this is what happened:
You added the drawer while being in Edit mode for the cupboard. Hence this drawer became part of the same object. You just added new content to the same container, so to speak. You should have instead first switched out of Edit mode into Object mode. If you had added the drawer afterwards in Object mode, it would have become its own, new object.

Tks. for your quick reply,Ikari and J12. Iworked out I’d created the drawer while in edit mode,thus making the drawer and cupboard one object. :spin: