Problem with Axis

Hello, i imported some 3ds files into blender. these files where made with an other 3d programm. i imported them and i have a problem. the models axes are wrong. the top view shows me the side, the front view shows me the buttom. i cannot imagine whats happend. when i import that model in other programms (including an own written opengl application) then the axis are right. Does anybody have an idea whats going wrong? Regards Oxygene PS: I imported also other files with a self written python plugin. The axis are there wrong too. i have to rotate it to get the correct view. (90 ° X-Axis, and invert the X-Axe)

sometimes whe you import from 3DS there is a problem with the scaling facor of the differetn axis why don’t know

but try playing with scale X or ScaleY may be things eill get back togethere whre it shold be


I tryed it, but it should not work. I attached an image. As you can see the model is very small, but all axis are wrong.

does anybody here have an idea to correct that? in standalone software, such as in opengl all is in the right order.


Blenders coordinate system has the Z axis as the vertical axis and the Y axis as the depth axis. This is different than many other 3D applications that use the Z axis for depth and the Y axis for height. The solution is the one you already found, just rotate the object on the X axis.

Ok, can i automate this rotation within my pythonscript? If yes, how to do that exaktly? I found no directly facility to rotate a object with exact numbers, such as 90 degree. Therefore a pythonscript could be important.

Thank you in advance for your help again

when you rotate you can enter numbers of degress on keyborad
like R - key then wenter numbers desired of degrees


Thank you!!

One question again. How to flip the object in the x-axis? i moved the object now 90 degrees in x. now i have to flip the x-side because all is mirrored

you can mirror it on x axis
or you can rotate on x axis 180 degrees but this is not a mirror it’s a real flip which is not a mirror of !


Thank you very much to all for your help. but the last question i will ask is, how to automate all these things. i have look in the python api for rotate and flip mirror of it.

can please anybody explain me how can i use this transformation of the object directly in a python script?

Thank you very much in advance


i get now the rotation of 90 degree in python with the following line:

ob.RotX += 3,1415926535897932384626433832795/2

But how can i flip the mirror in X-Side now?

Please help my, i only have to switch the mirror in x-axis

thank you in advance



a mirror is only X = -X and Y = Y for each vertex


Thank you. I tryed it, but now there is another problem if i invert the x axis. the face normales are also in the wrong direction. they are now mirrored. what todo?

F9 click on draw normal look at it and decide waht top do with it

select all then try Ctrl -N to recalculate the normal

the check if normals are all ok if not

select the facee with abnormal normals and flip them over that;s all

and in F9 panel mesh tool flip normal