Problem with Bad Vertex Number when Exporting *.FEF into *.BIN

hello, i need help about vertex numbers. :slight_smile:

I have a project about creating hair using *.BIN file.
so first, what I did is exporting *.BIN to *.FEF file.
And it’s okay.

Then I reconstruct many vertex points (also UV/Image mapping) positions until I get the model I want.
The Preview is here:

Total vertex groups are 2753.

Then, when i was exporting it back into *.BIN, that was successful! (No problem with this)

Nah, the problem is start here:
I realize that I misses his glasses, so what I did next is remake his hair UV/image become with glasses

Here’s before (successful one) and after (the unsuccesful one):


This is the preview when I’m try to reconstruct it (with glasses):
Total vertex groups are 2753, too.

But when I’m exporting it, the FEI program says: “Bad number of vertex, you should NOT delete any vertex.”
I’m really sure I didn’t delete any vertex!

So, I think the problem is in Blender (since I’m still didn’t familiar with all its interface yet).
How to make sure that I’m not delete any vertex in blender? and, where is the section to know how many the vertex points?

And did you know how to solve my exporting problem? :slight_smile:

Best regards,