Problem with bake textures

Hi there!
I have a problem with bake textures. I had to edit the mesh of an object that I had already modeled and applied the material from a previous textures bake. After the modification I did the unwrap again and recreated the material. Now going to redo the textures bake I get a Normal map with rainbow colors instead of the usual one and the Diffuse map is completely black.
Where do I go wrong?

Thanks for the help!

Rainbow color sounds like normal map was set to World space instead of Tangent

Hi DeckardX08,
I don’t have the Normal Map node in the material.

I mean, it could be set to global in the baking options. I took it as you tried to bake a normal map

I bypassed the problem by loading an old version of the object, bringing back the changes to the mesh. This way the bake of the textures works correctly, but I still can’t figure out where the problem lies.