Problem with baked normalmap

Hi when Iv baked normal map iv got an artefacts problem, heres thes creen of normal map on object… any ideas how to fix that? on tga file in photoshop everything is good so it should be something in settings of blender, anyideas anybody?

Either the normal map is too low resolution or your mesh has too few faces to work with. From what I’ve worked with them, I’d say you need a lot more faces to accomplish the result you’re looking for. Try giving your mesh a level 4 subsurf for starters and see what happens.

have you tried clicking the normal map button in the image sampling section of the texture panel, here’s a screen:

hope this helps

It looks like the normal is applied properly though. I still think he has too few faces.

I think nirmalanimation is right. I was in a similar situation once. If the normal map is applied properly it should’t even matter which resolution the normal map is. The normals would be interpolated because of the stretching anyway.

Is the object set to “smooth” shading? (of the objects that you are baking from)?

clicking the normal map button in the image sampling section

it helped but i still can see those lines, its far better but still i can see them,

Daren you talking about clicking smooth on entire object? [ in section shading: smooth|flat ??? ]

Yes —What is your goal? Do you want a flat object - or a rounded – if it is rounded, make sure smooth is set – if not, make sure flat is set

Agh. Pardon my mixup. Bump maps need a lot of faces but normal maps can work with only one quad.

thx for help :slight_smile: