Problem with basic object animation

(natbobc) #1

Hello All,

   I am a complete newbie to blender.  In following the Getting Started Document, I cannot do simple animations w/ Blender 2.25.  For those not familiar with the document what I am trying to do is take a UVSphere and animate movement from outside the camera view to inside the camera view.  The process I have followed is this:
  1. Move UVSphere into start position
  2. Set loc key (IKEY -> loc)
  3. Advance to 61st frame (UP x6)
  4. Move UVSphere to final position
  5. Set loc key (IKEY -> loc)
  6. Set current frame back to 1 (Shift + LEFT)
  7. Begin animation (ALT + A)

I have also tried doing it with rendering and setting the output type to AVI Raw, but to no avail. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



(SimonK) #2

So what happens? What do you see in camera view (hit the “0” button) when you run the animation (ALT-A)?

(natbobc) #3

Sorry that was a little foolish of me forgetting that detail. When I hit ALT + A the little red frame count cursor starts clocking through the frames, however the motion of the UVSphere from the loc specified in frame 1 to the final loc specified in frame 61 is ignored. Basically the change in locations aren’t translated at all. It uses whatever the last location is as the location for all frames (1 - 61). So if the UVSphere is in the middle of the frame for frame 61 then it renders the UVSphere in that location for all of the frames. My understanding from the tutorial is that the UVSphere is supposed to move from the initial location to the end location based on the loc keys. Sorry for the missing details, hope I have included enough information this time. If I haven’t please let me know.



PS if you want to see the manual I’m using here is the link:

(JarellSmith) #4

Well you need to be out of edit mode when you insert the keys (ie. press [i]) So be sure that before you follow the listed steps that you are not in edit mode by tapping [TAB] once. You should see the object change from displaying it’s vertices (yellow dots) to a solid pink wire frame object, and it should work fine.

Welcome to Blender.

Hope that helps.

(natbobc) #5

Thank-you very much, cleared up my problem quite nicely.